The Kid Connection

When I work on illustrations and my 17 month old granddaughter identifies my sidekick in the illustrations, the affirmation that I'm on the right track with this book series overwhelms me! 

Page 1 from my newest Texas Festivals book.
The importance of illustrations in picture books, or comic books for that matter, cannot be overly impressed upon. 

Children love this book series because of Sally, and they love Sally because she is the product of two people working together to bring a new life into the world, just as we did with our own child. As a matter of fact, we often refer to Sally as my daughter's ageless sister... 

Yes, my Texas Festivals picture book series is best heard as a presentation, but that's because Sally helps me read them. Together, we Ingite Readers! And though I am not presenting at this time due to recuperation, I am slowly getting back to illustrating and hope that I can return to school visits next soon!

NOTE: All images I share on this blog are copyrighted once published to any source. Please do use them in books or other print material without my express permission as most of them are actual illustrations from my own works. Thank you!